One of the hardest habits to break is smoking. In fact, millions of smokers have tried to quit smoking but only few of them have successfully let go of this bad habit. Why do you think people smoke despite the fact that smoking is quite hazardous? Well, smoking is a good activity when you are stressed from work and from your personal life. It releases some tension from your body. Well, this might be part of the psychological effect of smoking but nevertheless, smoking helps people deal with stress temporarily.

It is a known fact that smoking can release stress but the question is, is it worth the risk? We all know that smoking is hazardous โ€“ not only to you but also to those people who are exposed to the second hand smoke that comes from your cigarette. The answer is no. A temporary solution to your negative feeling might lead to a lifetime result. Yes, smoking helps you during those stressful events but if you look at it closely, you will pay much for a minute of smoking. If you are planning to quit smoking but don't know what to do, start with using e cigarette.

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